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Fig. 1 Research area in the Fram Strait and proxy data sets from sediment core MSM5/5-712 for
the last 9 ka. Gray shading denotes the modern average summer sea-ice cover. White and gray
arrows in map indicate sea-ice drift and Atlantic Water advection, respectively. Thick lines in data
series represent 3-point running means. a Accumulation rates (AR) of the sea-ice biomarker IP 25
(black) vs. phytoplankton biomarkers (gray), b AR of terrigenous ice-rafted detritus (black) vs.
relative abundance of subpolar planktic foraminifers (gray), c stable oxygen (black) and carbon
isotopes (gray) of planktic foraminifers Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (125
m fraction)
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