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Fig. 2 Comparison of Terminations I and II based on terrestrial and aquatic proxies from the
Sofular cave in northwestern Anatolia and sediment cores from the southeastern Black Sea: a soil
productivity and vegetation density as estimated from stalagmite δ
C (Fleitmann et al. 2009 );
b arboreal pollen indicating spread of forests in Northern Anatolia (Shumilovskikh et al. 2012 ,
2013b ); c δ
O isotopes from Sofular Cave (Badertscher et al. 2011 ) and from ostracods/bivalves
in the Black Sea cores 22-GC3/8 (Shumilovskikh et al. 2013a ) and 24-GC3 reflecting changes in
the basins hydrology (arrows) indicate postglacial melt water events (Badertscher et al. 2011 );
d Ca XRF re
ect changes in the carbonate content of the sediment (Shumilovskikh et al. 2012 )
with the Sr/Ca XRF ratio indicating its calcitic or aragonitic composition; e dinocyst concen-
trations indicating Black Sea productivity changes (Shumilovskikh et al. 2012 ), and dinocyst
composition re
ecting sea-surface salinity (SSS) (Shumilovskikh et al. 2013a ); f ice-rafted debris
(IRD) suggesting coastal ice formation during extreme winters (Nowaczyk et al. 2012 ); g June
insolation at 30
N; h global sea level changes (Rohling et al. 2009 )
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