HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The following is a screenshot showing the batle in the middle of the ight:
Why is it awesome?
This game showcases how we can put CSS3 transiion and animaion together to create
diferent efects, including sliding and 3D lipping. The animaion-sequence script shows
us how we can stack the animaion one-by-one. Ater creaing this game, we can use a
similar approach to create most of the animaion sequences for game objects.
Your Hotshot objectives
We are going to divide our mission into eight objecives, shown as follows:
F Creaing the game scenes
F Creaing a 3D card-lipping efect
F Selecing a card
F Adding a power value to the cards
F Creaing the opponent's card
F Building the batle animaion
F Adding health points to the game
F Restaring the game for the next round of the batle
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