HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Project 2
Card Battle!
In this project, we are going to create a playing card game with the heavy use of CSS transiion
and animaion. The player selects a card out of the three choices given to him/her and tries to
beat the opponent's card unil either side runs out of health points.
Mission briefing
This is a ighing game between a player and the computer, using batle cards.
Technically, the game contains four cards; three for the player to choose and one for the
opponent. On each card, there is a random number represening the power. The batle begins
by comparing the cards of both the player and the opponent. The difference between the
power values acts as damage to the weaker side. The game is over when either side dies
with no more health points left. You may visit
battle/ to play the example game in order to have beter understanding on what we will
build throughout this project.
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