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The following essay from Yahoo Developer Network provides an insight on why we need
to minify our code:
It's worth noing that in pracice, we use preprocessor tools with the
compressor plugin included and installed. So, someimes we do not
directly execute the YUI compressor program.
Hosting a static website
We can host staic iles in several ways. The tradiional way is to host the iles from a hosing
service. This type of service provides us with access to the web server, for example, Apache.
Staic iles are diferent for iles with server-side logic, such as PHP or Ruby on Rails. A server-
side language requires a server to execute the logic before sending back data to a client-side
web browser. Serving staic iles from the server only requires the server to get the ile and
send the content directly back to the client.
Therefore, there are diferent approaches besides using a tradiional hosing service. We can
use Dropbox to serve staic iles. We can use Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as S3,
to serve the files. We can even use a Plafrom as a service ( PaaS ) offering, such as Heroku , for
quick deployment of HTML5 games. There are even some web services that provide easy staic
ile hosing, such as the one we used in this task.
We used the service called GetForge . I used it as a demo because it is one of the easiest
ways to publish iles online without going through a long setup process. As menioned,
we have plenty of opions, and you can use the most comfortable one.
Classified intel
There are other distribuion channels available to publish the game. An HTML5 game can run
anywhere where a modern web browser is installed. In the Mac and iOS development kits,
there is a web browser component called WebView . We have a similar web view component
for Android and Windows plaform too. These naive components allow us to run HTML5
games inside a naive applicaion.
For example, we can package the game into a Mac app by using Xcode, Apple's development
tool, with WebView . Alternaively, we can use a project called Node-Webkit that embeds a
chromium browser engine into an executable applicaion.
For mobile distribuion, we can use the naive SDK or a service called Adobe PhoneGap Build
( ). The service builds your HTML5 game into several
mobile plaforms, including iOS and Android.
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