HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The following screenshot shows the gameplay of our sushi game. First the player selects
the ingredients to make the sushi on the right-hand side and then clicks on the customers
to serve them.
Why is it awesome?
This game makes use of what we have learned in this topic. We separate the game into
data, view, and controller. The view is in both the canvas and the DOM element. It combines
the ease of a DOM-based control with CSS and the process of creaing animaions via the
CreateJS suite. By using several CSS techniques, we make the game responsive to different
screen sizes.
We will also learn how to deploy the project for the public to play. This includes minifying
the code and publishing the code online. We also fine-tune the game for touch and mobile
devices. Finally, we will learn how to use web audio in a browser and add sound effects to
our game.
You can visit the to play the example
game in order to have a beter understanding of what we will build in this project.
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