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Hotshot challenges
We have created a ball-shooing game. Before we publish the game, we can sill improve
it in many ways.
We can make the game more addicive by introducing an advanced scoring calculaion.
When the player hits the target many imes in a row, we reward more points for the
combo effect.
We can define a special item that the player can buy or collect in the game. Here are some
suggesions for the special efect. The player may apply an efect that makes the hoop wider
so it is easier to hit the target. Or the ball can be less bouncy, which also makes it easier for
the ball thrown to arrive at the hoop, or you can add an item that doubles the scores on
each hit.
We can also add more types of obstacle to the game. For example, we can add a prismaic
joint that moves an obstacle left and right.
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