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The following screenshot shows the creaion of the new cross obstrucion:
Objective complete - mini debriefing
There are several steps to create the spinning cross. First, we create the cross body
with two ixtures atached to it. One object can be composed of several parts. This is
the same as the fact that we can have muliple ixtures atached to one body. We have
two rectangular-shaped fixtures to composite the cross body.
The cross is a dynamic body, so it can be afected by the balls moion. But it will also
fall because of the gravity. So, we create another staic body by using a joint and a staic
body. We can atach the dynamic cross to the staic one. Diferent kinds of joints represent
diferent types of relaionships. For example, here we use a revolute joint to limit the cross
to rotaion. We also make it spin automaically by enabling the motor on the joint.
Then, we extract the variables into the level deiniion.
Classified intel
There are different types of joints. The following are some common joints when
developing games:
F The revolute joint
F The distance joint
F The prismaic joint
F The pulley joint
You can ind some joints examples in a web aricle by Allan Bishop at .
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