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Project 7
A Ball-shooting
Machine with
Physics Engine
In the previous project, we built a space defender game and also learned how to use vector
graphics. In this project, we will sill work on the canvas and CreateJS library. We will use
an engine called Box2D to create a simulated physics world. In this world, we will create a
ball-shooing game with some obstacles in the playing court. We will vector graphics from
Adobe Flash and atach the graphics to the physical objects from the last project.
Mission briefing
In this project, we focus on the physics engine. We will build a basketball court where
the player needs to shoot the ball in to the hoop. A player shoots the ball by keeping the
mouse buton pressed and releasing it. The direcion is visualized by an arrow and the
power is proporional to the duraion of the mouse press and hold event.
There are obstacles present between the ball and the hoop. The player either avoids the
obstacles or makes use of them to put the ball into the hoop. Finally, we use CreateJS to
visualize the physics world into the canvas.
You may visit to
play a dummy game in order to have a beter understanding of what we will be building
throughout this project.
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