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The ulimate goal is to kill all the enemies. Therefore, the strategy should favor the ability
to build many castles in a very short duraion.
Building few satellites at the beginning means way too litle energy is generated every
300ms. This will result in a weak economy. The enemies don't wait and so there will not
be enough energy to build castles when the massive enemies atack. In contrast, building
too many satellites results in the generaion of too much energy. This is a waste because
the cost of building one more satellite means we delay the building of the next castle,
thus dealing less damage to the enemies.
The choice of building combinaions afects whether the game starts smoothly or not. The
strategy even varies more in the middle of the game. Should the player build more satellites
to support the economy? Should the player build just enough satellites and build as many
castles as possible? Moreover, the amount of "just enough" changes from wave to wave.
That's the fun part where players need to ind the opimal soluion for each wave.
In the previous calculaion, we did not take the space junk into account. Space junk costs
only ive energies and is perfect to delay the enemies' movement. Having muliple satellites
at the beginning provides a strong foundaion for the economy, but the trade-of is having
the castles come alive too late. Fast enemies may already reach the earth before we have
enough castles. Therefore, making good use of space junk gives us more ime to build the
buildings before enemies reach the botom line.
What's more, when the difficulty increases, the player may consider building the second
level of the satellite and castle to survive the wave. The second level of the satellite costs
600E but generates energy bubbles three imes faster. The second level of the castle costs
300E and deals more damage with each bullet it fires. The player needs to figure out a good
ime to add these premium buildings to the army. That's a tough choice because saving
600E for the satellite would mean losing the opportunity of building other buildings during
that ime.
This is the art of balance that we, as game designers, need to design a game carefully, and
the player needs to carefully plan the playing strategy.
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