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Instead of simply moving the bubble up in a straight line, we move it more like a bubble
by swinging it to the left and right. This can be done with a base x posiion plus an ofset
via the sine funcion.
base 0
We further make the bubble not so boring by having it scale up and down coninually.
This is a looping tween animaion:
cjs.Tween.get(this, {loop: true})
.to({scaleX:1.2, scaleY:1.2}, 600)
.to({scaleX:1.0, scaleY:1.0}, 600);
By having these two animaions added to the bubble, we not only make it less boring,
but also make it harder to click. This adds fun to the game especially when there are
massive enemies coming and the player is running out of energy.
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