HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Your Hotshot objectives
We'll perform the following tasks in this project:
F Creaing the HTML structure
F Managing the game scenes
F Represening the quest patern composiion
F Placing the paterns on the deck
F Selecing the patern
F Comparing players and composiions of the quest
F Showing different quests
F Couning down the game
Mission checklist
In this game, we are going to sick to plain JavaScript without using a library. This will help us
get started with a basic foundaion in JavaScript.
Note that wriing JavaScript for games is a litle bit diferent from wriing it for a web page.
Game logic requires well-structured code to ensure the logic is easy to read and maintained.
The following essays provide an in-depth discussion on wriing JavaScript in the right way:
F JavaScript best pracices :
F JavaScript the right way :
Creating the HTML structure
In this task, we are going to kick-start the project by creaing the ile structure, ensuring that
the essenial iles are ready.
Prepare for lift off
We need several things to get started. First, we will create an empty project directory.
Then, we will create an index.html file, a folder where we will put the CSS styling files,
and a folder to put the JavaScript logic files in.
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