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Project 6
Space Defenders
We built a city-building game in the last project. We will build a tower defense game in this
project, where players build economy and atack units to protect the earth from enemy
invasion. It makes use of similar building techniques that we learned in the last project.
Mission briefing
In this tower defense game, enemies come from the top of the screen. They move down
to invade the earth, which is at the botom of the screen. The player needs to protect the
earth by building defense buildings in the space.
The space is divided into grids. The buildings block the enemy movement and some even
ire bullets to kill enemies. These enemies also atack the things that block their way. So,
the player needs to survive and kill all units within the ime limit before the enemy reaches
the earth.
You may visit to play the
example game in order to have a beter understanding of what we will build throughout
this project.
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