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Hotshot challenges
There is room to improve this game.
Eliminating waiting time by paying
The city-building game involves creaing diferent kinds of buildings on the map to balance
the city resources. The creaion oten takes some ime to complete. Players may need to
wait for seconds or even hours. Some building games ofer the opion to eliminate waiing
ime during construcion by leing the player pay a small amount of money. This is one
approach to sell the premium feature on a free game.
Upgrading buildings
We can add upgrades to our buildings. For example, we can introduce a solar power supply,
which charges more but provides more power. The exising power supply may be upgradable
to higher levels. We may even have some premium buildings that are only available to paid
players. The premium model may use an in-app purchase mechanism while the game is
distributed to app stores.
Providing mini quests
Another approach is to introduce some mini quests and mini games that players can play
and earn bonus resources. The reward may be a random amount of coins or a diamond.
These kinds of random events can engage the player to stay in the game for a longer period
of ime while not building the city. They will wait for the event when they can earn extra
rare resources.
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