HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Placing the tiles and grid in the
city layer
We created the layers' foundaion in the last task. The city layer was empty. In this task,
we focus on the city layer where we put iles and buildings.
Prepare for lift off
First, we will draw some graphics for the isometric city. Any graphic editor should work.
To draw a loor ile, we use the steps shown in the following igure:
1. Draw a square shape.
2. Rotate it by 45 degrees to form a diamond shape.
3. Set the current verical diagonal of the resuling rhombus to 50 percent of the width.
The resuling graphic is our base loor and we can start drawing buildings on top of it.
Besides the ile graphic, we also put the city-bg.png file in the images folder, as shown
in the following screenshot:
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