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Hotshot challenges
There is room to improve the game and make the game more enjoyable:
F We have only two different movement speed levels in this game. If you want more
depth in the game, you can add more layers that move at different speed levels.
F Now we have only two lanes; the player is running either on the left or right lane.
That makes the game a litle boring. How about making the runway wider with
four lanes?
F Having a game score encourages the player to repeat the game to achieve a beter
score. It also adds compeiion between diferent players. We can create a game
score that increases based on the imer, or how many obstacles the player can pass.
F We have a variable to count how many rounds a user plays in the game. This can
also be an indicator of how far away the player runs. How about using this indicator
to design a scoring system?
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