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String getDesc()
return desc;
String getPartnum()
return partnum;
int getQty()
return qty;
int getUnitCost()
return ucost;
Listing 8-6 ' s PartsDB class implements the interface so
thatitcanbeusedinthecontextofthetry-with-resourcesstatement (see Chapter3 ) .I
couldhavechosentoimplement Closeable 's java.lang.AutoCloseable su-
perinterface,butchose Closeable insteadbecauseits close() methodisdeclared
to throw IOException .
PartsDB declaresconstantsthatidentifythelengthsofthestringand32-bitinteger
calculation takes into account the fact that a character occupies two bytes in the file.
These constants are followed by a field named raf that's of type RandomAc-
cessFile . This field is assigned an instance of the RandomAccessFile class in
cause of "rw" .
PartsDB next declares append() , close() , numRecs() , select() , and
update() .Thesemethodsappendarecordtothefile,closethefile,returnthenumber
of records in the file, select and return a specific record, and update a specific record:
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