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Forexample,supposeIhaveathree-byteread-onlyfilenamed x.dat .WhenIspe-
cify java FileDirectoryInfo x.dat , I observe the following output:
About x.dat:
Can execute = true
Can read = true
Can write = true
Exists = true
Is directory = false
Is file = true
Is hidden = false
Last modified = Wed Aug 24 18:45:07 CDT 2011
Length = 3
Note Java6added long getFreeSpace() , long getTotalSpace() ,and
long getUsableSpace() methods to File that return disk space information
aboutthe partition (aplatform-specificportionofstorageforafilesystem;forexample,
C:\) described by the File instance's pathname.
File declaresfivemethodsthatreturnthenamesoffilesanddirectories locatedin
thedirectoryidentifiedbya File object'sabstractpathname. Table8-3 describesthese
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