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demonstratedtheresultofdoingsoin Figure7-17 .IfIhadnotdoneso,youwouldhave
seen the window shown in Figure 7-23 .
Figure 7-23. Applying the default SRC_OVER rule with an alpha value of 1.0.
Clipping Shape
Graphics2D declares void clip(Shape clipShape) and inherits void
setClip(Shape clipShape) from Graphics forsettingtheclippingshapeat-
tribute. Call clip() to make the overall clipping shape smaller; call setClip()
to make the overall clipping shape larger. Pass any object whose class implements the
java.awt.Shape interface to clipShape . Call Shape getClip() (inherited
from Graphics ) to return the current clipping shape; null returns when the clipping
shape is the entire drawing surface.
Java 2D provides a collection of Shape implementation classes. Also, the
java.awt.Polygon class that predates Java 2D has been retrofitted to implement
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