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caninvoke Graphics2D 's void transform(AffineTransform Tx) method
to concatenate Tx to the existing transformation matrix.
Tip It'sagoodideatouse transform() insteadof setTransform() because
the Graphics2D instancepassedtoacomponent's paint() methodissetupwith
adefaulttransformationthatgivesyouthecoordinatesystemshownin Figure7-7 . In-
voking setTransform() maychangethisorganizationandleadtoconfusingresults
unless you know what you're doing.
Forcommontransformations, Graphics2D declaresmethodssuchas void ro-
tate(double theta) , void scale(double sx, double sy) ,and void
translate(double tx, double ty) . These methods offer a convenient al-
ternative to instantiating AffineTransform and passing this instance to trans-
form() .
Caution Graphics2D declaresa void translate(int x, int y) meth-
od for translating the origin of the Graphics2D context to the point ( x , y ) in the
currentcoordinatesystem.Thismethodisinvokedinsteadof translate(double,
double) whenyoupassintegerarguments,sobecarefulwhenpassingargumentsor
you might end up with unexpected results.
Figure7-21 showsuntransformed(blue),rotated(gradientgreentored),andsheared
(gradient green to red with almost no green) rectangles.
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