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After obtaining an array of GraphicsConfiguration s, an application can de-
A multiscreen environment consistsoftwoormoreindependentscreens,twoormore
appears on the default screen, or two or more screens that form a virtual desktop ,
which is also called a virtual device . Figure 7-15 reveals a multiscreen environment.
Figure 7-15. Each screen in this example has a resolution of 1024x768 pixels.
a virtual coordinate system . This coordinate system exists outside of any screen's
bounds and is used to identify pixel coordinates within the virtual desktop.
at (0, 0). If the default screen is not positioned in the upper-left corner of a grid of
screens,Java2Dmayrequireyoutousenegativecoordinates,asillustratedin Figure
7-15 .
Theapplicationaccomplishesthistaskbycalling Rectangle getBounds() on
each GraphicsConfiguration returnedby getConfigurations() ,andthen
checkingtoseeiftheoriginissomethingotherthan(0,0). GraphicsConfigura-
tion 's getBounds() methodreturnsa java.awt.Rectangle instancewhose x ,
y , width , and height fields (of type int ) reflect the virtual coordinate system. If
any ( x , y ) origin isn't (0, 0), the environment is a virtual device environment.
I've created an IsVDE application that determines if its environment is a virtual
device environment. Listing 7-8 presents this application's source code.
Listing 7-8 . Detecting a virtual device environment
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