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Thewidthandheightaresubsequentlyusedtoconstructa Dimension objectthat's
passed to setPreferredSize() . This preferred size will be taken into account
by sp.doLayout(); , which is executed following the call to ImageCanvas 's
setImage() method—see Listing 7-4 .
Figure 7-10 presents ImageViewer 's GUI with a loaded image.
Figure 7-10. Is it true that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?
Note AWT also supports image processing. For example, you can grayscale a
I don't discuss AWT-based image processing.
Data Transfer
GUI-based applications often need to transfer data between or within themselves. For
example, atexteditor'susermaywanttocutselected texttothesystemclipboard and
subsequently paste the clipboard's text to another location within the document being
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