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Listing 7-2 presents an alternative architecture for creating a GUI. Instead of sub-
classing Frame ,thisclassisinstantiateddirectlyandvariousmethodsarecalledtocon-
figure and display the frame window.(It's convenient to create a class method such as
createGUI() that returns a Panel object containing the entire GUI. The returned
Panel instance is passed to Frame 's add() method to install the GUI.)
Figure 7-5 reveals the improved GUI.
Figure 7-5. A nicer looking GUI is achieved by wrapping components in nested panels.
Notice that the components are displayed at their preferred sizes. This is caused by
adding a label and a textfield, or by adding the two buttons to a nested panel (whose
layout manager is flow), and then adding this panel to the main layout panel. (A flow
layout lets each component assume its natural [preferred] size.)
Although Figure 7-5 ' s GUI looks nicer than the GUI shown in Figure 7-4 , there's
andthetextfields.Wecouldalsoensurethateachbuttonhasthesamesize. Figure7-6
shows you what the resulting GUI would look like.
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