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Figure 1-7. A handle is stored in ages , and the list entry identified by this handle stores the
address of the associated array.
(discussedin Chapter2 ).Ifmultiplevariablesreferencedthesamearrayviathesame
the handle's list entry would need to be updated. A downside to using handles is
that accessing memory via these handles can be slower than directly accessing this
memory via an address. Regardless of how references are implemented, this imple-
mentation detail is hidden from the Java developer in order to promote portability.
value of another variable:
int counter1 = 1;
int counter2 = counter1;
method call to a variable named isLeap :
boolean isLeap = isLeapYear(2011);
ing a different type. For example, Java permits you to assign certain integer literals to
shortintegervariables,asin short s = 20; ,andassignashortintegerexpression
to an integer variable, as in int i = s; .
Javapermitstheformerassignmentbecause 20 canberepresentedasashortinteger
(noinformationislost).Incontrast,Javawouldcomplainabout short s = 40000;
because integer literal 40000 cannot be represented as a short integer (32767 is the
maximum positive integer that can be stored in a short integer variable). Java permits
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