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itedfromthe Queue interfacearepreciselyequivalenttothe Deque methodsasindic-
ated in Table 5-7 .
Finally, deques can also be used as LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) stacks. When a deque
is used as a stack, elements are pushed and popped from the beginning of the deque.
Becauseastack's push(e) methodwouldbeequivalentto Deque 's addFirst(e)
method,its pop() methodwouldbeequivalentto Deque 's removeFirst() meth-
od,andits peek() methodwouldbeequivalentto Deque 's peekFirst() method,
Deque declaresthe E peek() , E pop() ,and void push(E e) stack-oriented
convenience methods.
The ArrayDeque class provides a resizable-array implementation of the Deque in-
terface. It prohibits null elements from being added to a deque, and its iterator()
method returns fail-fast iterators.
ArrayDeque supplies three constructors:
ArrayDeque() createsanemptyarraylistwithaninitialcapacityof16ele-
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