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Finally, a string literal might contain Unicode escape sequences , which are special
syntaxforrepresentingUnicodecharacters.AUnicodeescapesequencebeginswith \u
andcontinueswithfourhexadecimaldigits( 0 - 9 , A - F , a - f )withnointerveningspace.
Forexample, \u0041 representscapitalletterA,and \u20ac representstheEuropean
Union's euro currency symbol.
A Boolean literal consists of reserved word true or reserved word false .
A character literal consists of a single Unicode character surrounded by a pair of
singlequotes( 'A' isanexample).Youcanalsorepresent,asacharacterliteral,anes-
cape sequence ( '\'' , for example) or a Unicode escape sequence (e.g., '\u0041' ).
An integer literal consistsofasequenceofdigits.Iftheliteralistorepresentalong
integer value, it must be suffixed with an uppercase L or lowercase l ( L is easier to
read). If there is no suffix, the literal represents a 32-bit integer (an int ).
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