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Table 5-2 refers to the ListIterator interface, which is more flexible than its
Iterator superinterfaceinthat ListIterator providesmethodsforiteratingover
current position in the list.
Note The Iterator and ListIterator instances that are returned by the
iterator() and listIterator() methods in the ArrayList and
LinkedList List implementation classes are fail-fast : when a list is structurally
modified(bycallingtheimplementation's add() methodtoaddanewelement,forex-
ample)aftertheiteratoriscreated,inanywayexceptthroughtheiterator'sown add()
or remove() methods, theiterator throws ConcurrentModificationExcep-
tion .Therefore,inthefaceofconcurrentmodification,theiteratorfailsquicklyand
ListIterator declares the following methods:
void add(E e) inserts e intothelistbeingiteratedover.Thiselementisin-
sertedimmediatelybeforethenextelementthatwouldbereturnedby next() ,
if any, and after the next element that would be returned by previous() ,
if any. This method throws UnsupportedOperationException when
thislistiteratordoesnotsupport add() , ClassCastException when e 's
classisinappropriateforthislist,and IllegalArgumentException when
some property of e prevents it from being added to this list.
boolean hasNext() returnstruewhenthislistiteratorhasmoreelements
when traversing the list in the forward direction.
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