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Implementation classes :Theframeworkprovidesclassesthatprovidedifferent
core interface implementations to address performance and other requirements.
Utility classes : The framework provides utility classes whose methods let you
sort arrays, obtain synchronized collections, and perform other operations.
Thecoreinterfacesinclude java.lang.Iterable , Collection , List , Set ,
SortedSet , NavigableSet , Queue , Deque , Map , SortedMap , and Navig-
ableMap . Collection extends Iterable ; List , Set , and Queue each extend
Collection ; SortedSet extends Set ; NavigableSet extends SortedSet ;
Deque extends Queue ; SortedMap extends Map ; and NavigableMap extends
SortedMap .
Figure 5-1 illustrates the core interfaces hierarchy (arrows point to parent interfaces).
Figure 5-1. The Collections Framework is based on a hierarchy of core interfaces.
The framework's implementation classes include ArrayList , LinkedList ,
TreeSet , HashSet , LinkedHashSet , EnumSet , PriorityQueue , Ar-
rayDeque , TreeMap , HashMap , LinkedHashMap , IdentityHashMap ,
WeakHashMap ,and EnumMap .Thenameofeachconcreteclassendsinacoreinter-
face name, identifying the core interface on which it is based.
Note Additional implementation classes are part of the concurrency utilities.
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