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The String classrepresentsastringasasequenceofcharacters.Becauseinstances
ofthisclassareimmutable,Javaprovides StringBuffer and StringBuilder for
text, whereas the latter class is more performant.
The System classprovidesaccesstostandardinput,standardoutput,standarderror,
and other system-oriented resources. For example, System provides the array-
copy() method as the fastest portable way to copy one array to another.
face ( Runnable ) and four classes ( Thread , ThreadGroup , ThreadLocal , and
InheritableThreadLocal ).
Throughout its execution, each thread is isolated from other threads because it has
data, and this corruption can cause an application to fail. Java provides a thread-syn-
chronization mechanism to prevent this interference.
Money must never be represented by floating-point and double precision floating-
the BigDecimal class lets you accurately represent and manipulate these values.
BigDecimal reliesonthe BigInteger classforrepresentingitsunscaledvalue.
A BigInteger instancedescribesanintegervaluethatcanbeofarbitrarylength(sub-
ject to the limits of the JVM's memory).
This chapter briefly referred to the Collections Framework while introducing the
Primitive Type Wrapper Class API. Chapter 5 introduces you to this broad utility API
for collecting objects.
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