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Caution Never using float or double to represent monetary values.
Javaprovidesasolutiontobothproblemsintheformofa BigDecimal class.This
immutable class (a BigDecimal instance cannot be modified) represents a signed
decimalnumber(suchas23.653)ofarbitrary precision (numberofdigits)withanasso-
ciated scale (an integer that specifies the number of digits after the decimal point).
BigDecimal declares three convenience constants: ONE , TEN , and ZERO . Each
constant is the BigDecimal equivalent of 1, 10, and 0 with a zero scale.
Caution BigDecimal declares several ROUND_ -prefixed constants. These con-
stantsarelargelyobsoleteandshouldbeavoided,alongwiththe BigDecimal di-
vide(BigDecimal divisor, int scale, int roundingMode) and
BigDecimal setScale(int newScale, int roundingMode) methods,
which are still present so that dependent legacy code continues to compile.
BigDecimal also declares a variety ofuseful constructors and methods. Afew of
these constructors and methods are described in Table 4-8 .
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