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it gets a new storage slot containing initialValue() 's value. Perhaps you would
prefer to pass a value from a parent thread, a thread that creates another thread,
to a child thread , the created thread. You accomplish this task with Inherit-
ableThreadLocal .
InheritableThreadLocal isasubclassof ThreadLocal .Aswellasdeclar-
ingan InheritableThreadLocal() constructor,thisclassdeclaresthefollowing
protected method:
T childValue(T parentValue) calculatesthechild'sinitialvalueasa
is called from the parent thread before the child thread is started. The method
returnstheargumentpassedto parentValue andshouldbeoverriddenwhen
another value is desired.
Listing4-30 showsyouhowtouse InheritableThreadLocal topassaparent
thread's Integer object to a child thread.
Listing 4-30. Different user IDs for different threads
class InheritableThreadLocalDemo
private static volatile InheritableThreadLocal<Integer>
intVal =
new InheritableThreadLocal<Integer>();
public static void main(String[] args)
Runnable rP = new Runnable()
public void run()
intVal.set(new Integer(10));
Runnable rC = new Runnable()
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