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A classic example of thread communication involving conditions is the relationship
between a producer thread and a consumer thread. The producer thread produces data
items to be consumed by the consumer thread. Each produced data item is stored in a
shared variable.
Imagine thatthethreadsarenotcommunicating andarerunningatdifferentspeeds.
retrieve the contents of the shared variable before a new data item is produced.
untilitisnotifiedthatanewdataitemhasbeenproduced. Listing4-27 showsyouhow
to accomplish this task via wait() and notify() .
Listing 4-27. The producer-consumer relationship
class PC
public static void main(String[] args)
Shared s = new Shared();
new Producer(s).start();
new Consumer(s).start();
class Shared
private char c = '\u0000';
private boolean writeable = true;
synchronized void setSharedChar(char c)
while (!writeable)
catch (InterruptedException e) {}
this.c = c;
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