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while (true)
Thread thdA = new Thread(r);
Thread thdB = new Thread(r);
Accordingto Listing4-17 ,thedefaultmainthreadthatexecutes main() firstinstan-
tiates an anonymous class that implements Runnable . It then creates two Thread
objects,initializingeachobjecttotherunnable,andcalls Thread 's start() method
to create and start both threads. After completing these tasks, the main thread exits
main() and dies.
Each of the two started threads executes the runnable's run() method. It calls
Thread 's currentThread() method to obtain its associated Thread instance,
usesthisinstancetocall Thread 's getName() methodtoreturnitsname,initializes
count to0,andentersaninfiniteloopwhereitoutputs name and count ,andincre-
ments count on each iteration.
Tip To stop an application that does not end, press the Ctrl and C keys simultan-
eously (at least on Windows platforms).
Windows XP platform. Partial output from one run appears here:
Thread-0: 0
Thread-0: 1
Thread-0: 2
Thread-0: 3
Thread-0: 4
Thread-0: 5
Thread-0: 6
Thread-0: 7
Thread-1: 0
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