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os.arch: x86
file.separator: \ Jeff Friesen
java.version: 1.7.0
java.home: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\jre
Note line.separator stores the actual line separator character/characters,
not its/their representation (such as \r\n ), which is why a blank line appears after
line.separator: .
Applicationsexecutevia threads ,whichareindependentpathsofexecutionthroughan
application's code. When multiple threads are executing, each thread's path can differ
cases, and another thread might execute another of this statement's cases.
Note Applicationsusethreadstoimproveperformance.Someapplicationscanget
additional threads to perform time-intensive tasks in the background, so that they re-
main responsive to their users.
own copy of method parameters, local variables, and return value.
JavasupportsthreadsviaitsThreadingAPI.ThisAPIconsistsofoneinterface( Run-
nable ) and four classes ( Thread , ThreadGroup , ThreadLocal , and Inher-
itableThreadLocal ) in the java.lang package. After exploring Runnable
and Thread (andmentioning ThreadGroup duringthisexploration),thissectionex-
plores thread synchronization, ThreadLocal , and InheritableThreadLocal .
Note Java 5 introduced the java.util.concurrent package as a high-level
alternative tothelow-levelThreadingAPI.(Iwilldiscussthispackagein Chapter6 . )
Although java.util.concurrent isthepreferredAPIforworkingwiththreads,
you should also be somewhat familiar with Threading because it is helpful in simple
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