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return true;
if (year%100 == 0)
return false;
if (year%4 == 0)
return true;
return false;
This example introduces a method for determining whether or not a year is a leap
rifiestheexpressionthatdetermineswhether year 'svaluedoesordoesn'trepresenta
leap year.
Caution You cannot place one multiline comment inside another. For example,
/*/* Nesting multiline comments is illegal! */*/ isnotavalid
multiline comment.
Javadoc Comments
A Javadoc comment (also known as a documentation comment ) occupies one or more
linesofsourcecode.Thiscommentbeginswiththe /** charactersequence,continues
withexplanatorytext,andendswiththe */ charactersequence.Everythingfrom /**
through */ isignoredbythecompiler.ThefollowingexampledemonstratesaJavadoc
* Application entry point
* @param args array of command-line arguments passed to
this method
public static void main(String[] args)
// TODO code application logic here
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