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static void indent(int numSpaces)
for (int i = 0; i < numSpaces; i++)
System.out.print(' ');
Listing4-10 presentsthesourcecodetoadecompilertoolthatusesreflectiontoob-
formation for a class's fields, constructors, methods, and nested types; it also lets you
output the members of interfaces, enums, and annotation types.
main() calls forName() to try to return a Class object representing the class or
interface identified by this argument. If successful, the returned object's reference is
passed to decompileClass() , which decompiles the type.
forName() throws an instance of the checked ClassNotFoundException
class when it cannot locate the class's classfile (perhaps the classfile was erased prior
toexecutingtheapplication).Italsothrows LinkageError whenaclass'sclassfileis
malformed,and ExceptionInInitializerError whenaclass'sstaticinitializa-
tion fails.
Note ExceptionInInitializerError isoftenthrownastheresultofaclass
initializer throwing an unchecked exception. For example, the class initializer in the
following FailedInitialization class results in ExceptionInInitial-
izerError because someMethod() throws NullPointerException :
class FailedInitialization
static void someMethod(String s)
int len = s.length(); // s contains null
System.out.println(s+"'s length is "+len+" charac-
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