Java Reference
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C H A P T E R 4
Touring Language APIs
Java's standard class library provides various language-oriented APIs. Most of these
APIs reside in the java.lang package and its subpackages, although a few APIs
reside in java.math . Chapter 4 first introduces you to the java.lang /subpackage
Math and StrictMath , Package , Primitive Type Wrapper Class, Reference, Re-
flection, String , StringBuffer and StringBuilder , System , and Threading
APIs. This chapter then introduces you to java.math 's BigDecimal and BigIn-
teger APIs.
Math and StrictMath
The java.lang.Math class declares double constants E and PI that represent the
natural logarithm base value (2.71828...) and the ratio of a circle's circumference to its
diameter(3.14159...). E isinitializedto 2.718281828459045 and PI isinitializedto
3.141592653589793 . Math alsodeclaresassortedclassmethodstoperformvarious
math operations. Table 4-1 describes many of these methods.
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