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Ifallgoeswell,youshouldseea HelloWorld.class fileinthecurrentdirectory.
Nowexecute java HelloWorld torunthisclassfile's main() method.Don'tspe-
cifythe“ .class ”fileextensionor java willcomplain.Youshouldobservethefol-
lowing output:
Hello, world!
Congratulations! YouhaverunyourfirstJava-basedapplication. You'llhaveanop-
portunity to run more applications throughout this topic.
Installing and Working with NetBeans 7
should consider obtaining an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool.
Three popular IDEs for Java development are Eclipse ( ht-
tp:// ) , IntelliJ IDEA (
idea/ ) ,whichisfreetotrybutmustbepurchasedifyouwanttocontinuetouseit,and
NetBeans( ).IfocusontheNetBeans7IDEinthissection
because of its JDK 7 support. (IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 also supports JDK 7.)
Note For a list of NetBeans 7 IDE enhancements that are specific to JDK 7,
check out the page at
worthyNB70#JDK7_support .
this IDE while developing HelloWorld .
Note NetBeansismorethananIDE.It'salsoaplatformframeworkthatletsdeve-
lopers create applications much faster by leveraging the modular NetBeans architec-
Installing NetBeans 7
Pointyourbrowserto andperformthefol-
lowing tasks:
1. Select an appropriate IDE language (English is the default).
2. Select an appropriate platform (Windows is the default).
3. ClicktheDownloadbuttonunderneaththenext-to-leftmost(JavaEE)columnto
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