Java Reference
In-Depth Information
• Java provides the if , switch , while , for , and other reserved words as
found in the C and C++ languages. Java also provides the try , catch ,
class , private ,andotherreservedwordsthatarefoundinC++butnotin
• AswithCandC++,Javasupportscharacter,integer,andotherprimitivetypes.
Furthermore, Javasharesthesame reserved wordsfornaming these types; for
example, char (for character) and int (for integer).
• Java supports many of the same operators as C/C++: the arithmetic operators
( + , - , * , / , and % ) and conditional operator ( ?: ) are examples.
• Javaalsosupportstheuseofbracecharacters { and } todelimitblocksofstate-
list itemizes some of these differences:
• Java supports an additional comment style known as Javadoc.
• Javaprovides transient , synchronized , strictfp ,andotherreserved
words not found in C or C++.
• Java's character type has a larger size than the version of this type found in C
and C++, Java's integer types do not include unsigned variants of these types
and Java's primitive types have guaranteed sizes, whereas no guarantees are
made for the equivalent C/C++ types.
• Java doesn't support all of the C/C++ operators. For example, there is no
sizeof operator.Also,JavaprovidessomeoperatorsnotfoundinC/C++.For
example, >>> (unsigned right shift) and instanceof are exclusive to Java.
• Java provides labeled break and continue statements. These variants of the
C/C++ break and continue statements provide a safer alternative to C/C++'s
goto statement, which Java doesn't support.
Note Comments,reservedwords,types,operators,andstatementsareexamplesof
fundamental language features, which are discussed later in this chapter.
AJavaprogramstartsoutassourcecodethatconformstoJava syntax ,rulesforcom-
bining symbols into meaningful entities. The Java compiler translates the source code
stored in files that have the “ .java ” file extension into equivalent executable code,
known as bytecode , which it stores in files that have the “ .class ” file extension.
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