Java Reference
In-Depth Information
C H A P T E R 1
Getting Started with Java
Welcome to Java. This chapter launches you on a tour of this technology by focusing
on fundamentals. First, you receive an answer to the “What is Java?” question. If you
troduced to some basic tools that will help you start developing Java programs, and to
these programs. Finally, you explore fundamental language features.
What Is Java?
introduces you to Java the language and Java the platform.
Note To discover Java's history, check out Wikipedia's “Java (programming lan-
guage)” (
Java_(programming_language)#History ) and “Java (software platform)”
Java_(software_platform)#History ) entries.
Java Is a Language
Java is a general-purpose, class-based, and object-oriented language patterned after C
surprisingly, Java borrows elements from these languages. The following list identifies
some of these elements:
• Java supports the same single-line and multiline comment styles as found in
C/C++ for documenting source code.
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