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String msg = (args.length == 1) ? args[0] : "noth-
ing to say";
public void speak()
Listing 3-11 is very similar to Listing 3-10 . However, instead of subclassing a
Speaker class,thislisting'sanonymousclassimplementsaninterfacenamed Speak-
able . Apart from the <init>() method calling java.lang.Object() (inter-
faces have no constructors), Listing 3-11 behaves like Listing 3-10 .
Although an anonymous class does not have a constructor, you can provide an in-
stance initializer to handle complex initialization. For example, new Office()
{{addEmployee(new Employee("John Doe"));}}; instantiates an an-
onymoussubclassof Office andaddsone Employee objecttothisinstancebycall-
ing Office 's addEmployee() method.
You will often find yourself creating and instantiating anonymous classes for their
.java ”suffix.Thefollowingexampleshowsyouhowananonymousclasssimplifies
using the package's File and FilenameFilter classes to achieve this
String[] list = new File(directory).list(new FilenameFil-
public boolean accept(File f, String s)
return s.endsWith(".java");
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