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the type hierarchy (from the Circle subclass to the Point superclass). It is also an
example of covariance in that a type with a wider range of values ( Circle ) is being
converted to a type with a narrower range of values ( Point ).
After upcasting Circle to Point , you cannot call Circle 's getRadius()
methodbecausethismethodisnotpartof Point 'sinterface.Losingaccesstosubtype
subtype polymorphism.
type polymorphism involves declaring a method in the superclass and overriding this
methodinthesubclass.Forexample,suppose Point and Circle aretobepartofa
graphics application, and you need to introduce a draw() method into each class to
drawapointandacircle,respectively.Youendwiththeclassstructureshownin Listing
2-33 .
Listing 2-33. Declaring a graphics application's Point and Circle classes
class Point
private int x, y;
Point(int x, int y)
this.x = x;
this.y = y;
int getX()
return x;
int getY()
return y;
public String toString()
return "("+x+", "+y+")";
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