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Itmightseempointlesstogotoallthisbotherwhenyoucouldsimplyomit private
and access the name field directly. However, suppose you are told to introduce a new
name. Listing 2-14 reveals these changes.
Listing 2-14. Revising implementation without affecting existing interface
public class Employee
private String firstName;
private String lastName;
public Employee(String name)
public Employee(String firstName, String lastName)
setName(firstName+" "+lastName);
public void setName(String name)
// Assume that the first and last names are separated
by a
// single space character. indexOf() locates a char-
acter in a
// string; substring() returns a portion of a string.
setFirstName(name.substring(0, name.indexOf(' ')));
setLastName(name.substring(name.indexOf(' ')+1));
public String getName()
return getFirstName()+" "+getLastName();
public void setFirstName(String empFirstName)
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