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ods from different contexts.
Declaring and Invoking Instance Methods
You can declare an instance method by minimally specifying a return type name, fol-
abrace-delimitedbody. Listing2-9 presentsa Car classwitha printDetails() in-
stance method.
Listing 2-9. Declaring a printDetails() instance method in the Car class
class Car
String make;
String model;
int numDoors;
Car(String make, String model)
this(make, model, 4);
Car(String make, String model, int numDoors)
this.make = make;
this.model = model;
this.numDoors = numDoors;
void printDetails()
System.out.println("Make = "+make);
System.out.println("Model = "+model);
System.out.println("Number of doors = "+numDoors);
public static void main(String[] args)
Car myCar = new Car("Toyota", "Camry");
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