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Atari developed Breakout (Figure 4-1) in 1976. Released four years after the
Pong, Breakout became an arcade game immediately. Later, Atari released
video game console version of Breakout.
Figure 4-1. Breakout original poster
Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow developed the game from an idea of having a
one-player Pong game. The player uses racket to hit a ball to destroy bricks in a
wall. If the player misses the return of the ball, he loses.
The original Breakout features a prisoner trying to escape using his ball and
chain to break the bricks. There are two levels. Level 1 is made of eight rows of
bricks of four different colors (two rows per color, shown in Figure 4-2). With the
ball and the racket, the player must destroy all the bricks. The player can make
up to 448 points per level.
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