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Although any Intel-based Mac running Snow Leopard will suffice, I strongly
recommend that you to get a machine with a screen of 15''or larger and 2GB
RAM. This will ease your life as the compiling time will get much shorter.
In this chapter, I will guide you in the following aspects:
Registering in GameSalad
Registering for the iOS Developer Program
Installing Xcode
Installing GameSalad Creator
Installing GameSalad Viewer
Registering to GameSalad
To use GameSalad, you don't actually need to be registered on
but I strongly recommend doing it for several reasons. First, this will get you
known by GameSalad as a user. As GameSalad is a very young startup
company, it is important for them to know their developer community. The more
users, the more attractive the platform. Second, this will allow you to post
messages or questions on the forum. When you need support, being able to tap
the community is an invaluable resource. Third, you'll be eligible for the standard
technical support from GameSalad. Fourth, you need it to publish your games. It
is not mandatory to register as a Promember to publish games and to reproduce
most of the examples of this topic, but to access Promember features, you must
have a valid Pro account (299 US$ per year). I will cover some of the
Promember features in Chapter 9. You may decide to register later when you
feel more proficient.
To register, open your favorite web browser and go to .
You will need to:
Provide a valid e-mail address.
Choose a username.
Select a password.
Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Figure 1-1 shows the very light registration form.
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