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Figure 2-3. Mass production of the Pong game
I remember playing Pong on my Atari home game device for hours. Originally,
my father bought an Atari 2600 for himself. It was the special ''Darth Vader''
Edition, an all-black model with four switches, released in 1982. This was one of
the first video game consoles. With a console, you had a device capable of
running several games (via a cartridge system)----
-not just a single game, as was
the case with Home Pong. I was only five at that time but I clearly remember
playing like crazy, making my father angry because after a few days I was
Specifying the Game Concept and Rules
When you begin a new game project, it's a good practice to start by specifying
the game concept and writing the rules of the game down on paper. This
provides structure to your work.
The Game Concept
The purpose of this game is to defeat your opponent in a simulated table tennis
(ping-pong) game by being the first to reach a score of 11. It is a two-dimension
game where players vertically control a paddle (ping-pong racket).
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