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Table 12-3. Icon Sizes
Size for iPhone
(until 3GS)
Size for iPhone
retina (4 and 4S)
Size for iPad
(1 st and 2 nd Gen)
Size for iPad
retina (3 rd Gen)
Application icon
57 x 57
114 x 114
72 x 72
144 x 144
App icon for the
App Store
512 x 512
1024 x 1024 512 x 512
1024 x 1024
Small icon
29 x 29
58 x 58
50 x 50
100 x 100
Here is the link to the Apple developer documentation regarding game icons:
In addition, here is the link to the Apple developer documentation on icon
Writing the App Store Description
The description of your game in the App Store needs to follow some golden
rules. Let's face it: most potential buyers will only read the first lines and then
jump to the screen captures. At this point, there are three possibilities: they buy
it, they go away, or they read further to make up their mind. I am not sure that
the third option will be the most common. What does this mean? It means that
you need to focus your key messages in the top of your description.
In addition, your content should not be static over the time. For example, if you
decide to have a new-school-year sale, then advertise it on the top for the
limited period of the sale.
Here are my golden rules for game description:
State positive feedback from customers or recognized
Be direct and short in your game description.
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