Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Pre-Development Phase
The preparation phase is in fact the most important task for an efficient
promotion. By crafting the appropriate message you may increase your
download rate significantly. The preparation phase is mostly composed of three
areas of investigation: your targeted customers, your competition, and your
unique value proposition.
Defining Your Targeted Customers
In order to craft a relevant message to your potential customers, you need to
study them. You could spend years and years studying social psychology and
getting deep insight into customer purchasing behavior, but this is not the
purpose of this topic. Instead I will provide you with a few questions that will
help you to qualify your potential targets.
The very first step is to identify if your targeted customers buy games at the App
Store. If they don't, you need to ask yourselves why. You may end up with the
conclusion that they don't buy games at the App Store because they don't use
iOS devices. Or they are not authorized to make the purchase (minors, young
kids, people under management of another adult). In that case, you will need to
qualify both populations: the player and the purchaser.
Population Profiling
To qualify a population, you will need to provide the following information about
your population:
Marital status
Geographical location
Let's practice with an illustration. Let's imagine that you intend create a
kindergarten game targeted to the United States. Let's fill in the appropriate
information in Table 12-1.
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