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Figure 8-21. Play Sound rule
I recommend using Positional Sound as often as you can. The Positional Sound
feature adds a great deal of interactivity. If the actor playing the sound is on the
left side of the screen, it will give the impression that the sound is coming from
the left, which is very nice effect. In addition, if the actor moves while playing the
sound, the sound will ''move'' with the actor.
You can try the game on your device.
MP3 or other formats
GameSalad supports multiple sound formats such as Caf , ogg , mp3 ,
and m4a .
About Pause Music and Resume Music:
If you implement a Pause function in your game and have background
music, you may want to pause the music and resume it after the player
unpauses the game. In order to do so, you will need to use the Pause
Music and Resume Music behaviors.
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